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Unlocking Wellbeing with Qigong - A Journey to Self-Care and Prevention

In the pursuit of holistic wellbeing, incorporating self-care into our daily lives stands as a cornerstone. Today, I want to share a transformative self-care tool that has not only been a game-changer in my life but is a practice I wholeheartedly encourage for my clients, family, friends, and community members - Qigong. Join me as we explore the profound impact of Qigong on mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Discovering the Power of Qigong

For the past five years, I have immersed myself in the ancient art of Qigong, a practice that extends beyond physical exercise, delving into the realms of corrective body alignment, improved breathing, and the dissolution of specific blockages. My journey began under the guidance of the knowledgeable instructor, Gib Karnchanachari based in Bangkok, who remains my mentor and qigong instructor to this day. Her expertise and the safe space she creates in both individual and group classes have been instrumental in my growth. For those interested in exploring Qigong under Gib Karnchanachari's guidance, you can find more information about her at Harness Your Energy.

Qigong and Neigong: An Overview

Qigong, often referred to as chi gung or chi kung, involves gentle, repetitive movements that stretch the body, increase fluid movement, and enhance awareness of the body's spatial dynamics. Beyond external movements, Qigong encompasses internal movements known as neigong, or 'internal power.' These internal flows differentiate Qigong from other forms of exercise by emphasizing both external and internal dimensions.

The Proven Benefits of Qigong

Originating in China over 3,000 years ago, Qigong's effectiveness in promoting self-healing has been witnessed through its positive impact on millions of people. Taoism, China's original philosophy, focuses on developing life force or chi, making Qigong a superior health and wellness practice. The relief and prevention of chronic health issues, ranging from cancer to poor circulation, showcase the diverse benefits Qigong offers.

Mental Clarity Through Qigong

Beyond physical benefits, Qigong plays a crucial role in mental wellbeing. Managing stress, anger, depression, and enhancing inner tranquility are vital aspects of this practice. The ability to regulate and balance chi directly influences mental clarity, enabling individuals to perceive the world and its patterns with increasing levels of complexity.

Delving Deeper with Bruce Frantzis

For a more in-depth understanding of Qigong, I recommend reading an insightful article by Mr. Bruce Frantzis, a renowned authority on energy arts: What is Qigong?.

The 70% Rule: A Vital Insight

An essential aspect of practicing Qigong is embracing the 70% rule. Pushing beyond this threshold, as I've personally experienced, can yield surprising results. Even the simplest movements can leave you feeling the aftermath of a heavy HIIT workout. It's a testament to the transformative power hidden within the seemingly gentle practice of Qigong.

My personal practice

The application of Qigong in daily life is incredibly realistic, allowing flexibility in choosing the most convenient time. Personally, I dedicate around 2-5 minutes each day to focus on specific aspects: shoulder stretches, refining sitting or standing alignment, engaging in circling hands, and gradually incorporating additional guided movements and postures as I see fit. Meditation becomes part of the routine based on my inclination. This practice serves as a grounding force, bringing me back to my physical body, often neglected amidst the hectic pace of life. During times of low energy or when feeling unwell, I integrate belly breathing to restore and rejuvenate.

Share Your Thoughts

As we conclude this exploration into the ancient art of Qigong, I encourage you to share your thoughts. Have you tried Qigong, or would you consider incorporating it into your self-care routine? Your experiences and insights contribute to our collective journey towards improved wellbeing.

Embrace the wisdom of Qigong, and let it be a guiding force on your path to self-care and prevention. To continue this conversation, share your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to hearing your reflections on this transformative practice.

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