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It is a real pleasure to share my story here with you. Half English half Finnish. In 2005 I relocated to Thailand. My dedication of two decades in the hospitality industry paired with 14 years of dedicated commitment to sourcing a solution for the best health & wellness for my body & mind to pursuit my passion & love of wellness with a focus on dedicating my life to exploring true health & life balance. 

I was desperately searching for a solution to bring me to peace with my heath, I wanted to treat the root cause of all that I was carrying. In 2008 I was faced with another episode of sciatica, acupuncture then found me, I decided to take a leap of faith & had my very first treatment, this was a life changing moment. Over a course of effective acupuncture sessions, all symptoms – the additive habits, depression, sciatica, suicidal thoughts, ache, insomnia, low libido, the disconnect with myself & the world, were completely eradicated, it built a true sense of where my life’s focus was destined to be. I transitioned stepping into the world of Chinese medicine as a certified acupuncturist in March 2019. Five Element Acupuncture not only created the best version of me but also saved my life. 

With the assistance of acupuncture, I have the ability through Chinese medicine to offer a holistic approach for the mind & body through personalised non-invasive treatments that serve as a whole-hearted approach to treating individuals at the root, at an organ level

The Davina Liisa Method - Health & Wellness brand is also supported with the Metabolic Balance Nutrition consultant platform extends to the level of wellbeing that serves individuals with the correct nutrition that matches their blood values which is also supported with the ICF-approved Associate Executive Health & Wellness Coaching to create life balance & clear direction in life. My chosen path & desire to support others, help integrate them on a path of good health & wellness, with the focus being The Davina Liisa Method platform, to serve, heal, educate & inspire others.

The Mission Inspire & Support Others To Have Total Control Over Every Aspect Of Life On An Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual & Sexual Level

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Soon to be launched, a full series of health & wellness interactive workshops & discussions in 2023  


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