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Pricing details are available upon request

  • 1 h 15 min

Service Description

Exclusively Home Visit Service. This experience is the most profound of all Five Element Acupuncture index treatments. This 360-degree approach supports in addressing a reset of your system on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sexual level, which then encourages your body to fully open up & release all possible energy block stagnation by focusing on a 4-point tonification of the Convention & Governing Vessel meridian pathways utilizing the most power Acupuncture points. After the initial full body system assessment, the process moves to the Pulse organ reading and then proceeds with the CVGV treatment. Terms and Conditions If you wish to reschedule your treatment, please allow for 24 hours advance notice. Please note & take into consideration of any rescheduled & Cancellations that are requested within the 24-hour period of your treatment will be charged.

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