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Pricing details are available upon request

  • 1 h 15 min

Service Description

Exclusively Home Visit Service. For ongoing treatments: The package gives you the ability to implement regular treatments to support your self care, be proactive in your own health & address any possible symptoms you may be carrying. Each experience will include a pulse reading which will assess the activity of your internal organs. Then we will proceed with the treatment highlighting the evaluation of any current symptoms, consideration of your medical history, and any goals you may wish to address, with an emphasis on supporting and strengthening your internal organs. This all encourages the release of endorphins and opens blocked energy channels for a full mind, body, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation & relaxation. Terms and Conditions Validity of the package is 6 months from the time of purchase. Packages can be shared with more than one person. If you wish to reschedule your treatment, please allow for 24 hours advance notice. Please note & take into consideration of any rescheduled & Cancellations that are requested within the 24 hour period of your treatment will be charged.

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