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Pricing details are available upon request

  • 1 hour 15 minutes

Service Description

Exclusively Home Visit Service. This experience focuses on supporting your body through the challenges of specific pain related issues, whether it be office syndrome, headaches, a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, sport injury related issues, sciatica .. to name just a few. This treatment will specifically help in releasing, relieving the tension & discomfort you are feeling. Pulse reading will assess the activity of your internal organs combined with the prescribed treatment with an emphasis of using the dry needling technique to unblock the stagnation to open up the natural blood flow, reduce inflammation which encourages the areas to soften. Terms and Conditions If you wish to reschedule your treatment, please allow for 24 hours advance notice. Please note & take into consideration of any rescheduled & Cancellations that are requested within the 24-hour period of your treatment will be charged.

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