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Pricing details are available upon request

  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Service Description

The Metabolic Balance plan includes: 6 months coaching support, with 7 home / online meets during the 6 months to monitor your progress Unlimited support of any calls/text communication you need. The lab tests of your 36 blood values. Your individualized meal plan. Recipes brainstorming to suit your needs Supportive shopping trip: if you feel in need of support of where to source your ingredients from, am here to shed clarity & guide you on where to source with budget sensitivity & control. The customized tried & tested meal program is created & supported on your 36 blood values. The blood results will indicate which specific foods match & support your body's health. Once the lab results are released, a meal plan with specific ingredients is then issued. This will gift you a crystal clear understanding, based on your blood of what foods are needed to give you the full support of the exact nutrition needed in your daily life. This plan is backed by science, and is created purely on the blood values so there's no guesswork. It's just a one-time investment that then guides you on the foods that can correctly nourish your body. The MB program - supports in reducing inflammation, stabilizes hormones, boosts & sustains the immune system, supports anti-aging, supports weight loss, brings the body to a natural state Terms and Conditions If you wish to reschedule your treatment, please allow for 24 hours advance notice. Please note & take into consideration of any rescheduled & Cancellations that are requested within the 24 hour period of your treatment will be charged.

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